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Alert Identification
Alert Identification

What makes an alert unique within BigPanda?

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❗This article is intended more for those utilizing our generic REST Alerts API integration. The other out-of-the-box integrations will have their own mechanisms for setting the primary and secondary properties.

BigPanda identifies an alert based on the property incident_identifier. This unique identifier is used to recognize if two events are related to each other.

If you are using our REST Alerts API, this property can be defined by including it as part of your alert payload.

If an incident_identifier is not set, BigPanda will use the combination of the primary and secondary properties to create a value for incident_identifier.

For example, the following event payload is sent to BigPanda:

"app_key": "[...]"
"host": "bp-test-01",
"check": "This is a test",
"status": "warning"

By default, BigPanda uses the tag "host" as primary property, and "check" as the secondary property. Since incident_identifier was not set, BigPanda will automatically assign incident_identifier to be the combination of the values of "host" and "check". Any future payloads/events that contain the same values for "host" and "check" will be connected to the first alert received by BigPanda.

More information on primary and secondary properties

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