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Best Practices - Contacting Support
Best Practices - Contacting Support

A list of best practices when contacting support

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A few tips when contacting support that can help BigPanda Support help you 🛠

  1. Explain your use-case and expected outcome

    • Understanding your “why” allows us to help you determine the “how”

  2. Provide background information

    • For ex. Any recent changes made such as correlation patterns, custom tags, enrichment, or custom solutions

  3. Provide the relevant URL

  4. Include screenshots of the issue

    • Allows us to see exactly what and where the issue is

  5. Troubleshooting assets to send us

    • Relevant errors or logs

    • In Developer Tools (F12) include a screenshot of console errors and .har file, here is an article on how to retrieve this.

    • For SSO issues: SAML Chrome Extension or similar SSO output logging

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